CrossFit Kids

Our program delivers a fitness that is broad, general and inclusive. CrossFit Kids is specifically designed for children and teenagers to prepare them for life. We specialize in constant variety, functional fitness and of course FUN!!! While including scaled down versions of adult skill training and workouts, CrossFit Kids also focuses on fun to get kids excited about exercising.

Kids- This class is for ages 7 to 13. School Aged Children and older children that are new to CrossFit can expect to learn and have fun in this 45 minute class. We will focus on Agility, Coordination, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Balance, Strength and Accuracy getting these kids ready for sport and life. 

Teens - Our teens class is for ages 14 to 18 and up who are ready for Intermediate class. Although emphasis remains on technique and safety, teens who attend this class are ready to bring some intensity to their workouts. Classes are one hour. Special rates apply and teens can take CrossFit classes with adults.

Coming soon...Teen Classes!

Please see our Class Schedule page for times of classes!

The first CrossFit Kids class is always Free!