I began training at Yolo Crossfit back in April of 2014. The coaches have been amazing to work with as I had never done any sort of cross training before. They focus on teaching proper technique and form to prevent any injuries and encourage you to push yourself each workout. With continued training and dedication to healthier eating, I have lost 45 pounds and 9 % body fat. I have gone from sleeping ten hours a night and still needing an afternoon nap to sleeping an average of seven hours and no napping throughout the day. I have exuberant amounts of energy and so much respect for my body. Though it is not perfect, it is amazing to see the challenges my body endures and see how it continually changes.

Why Yolo CF?

Our YoloCrossFit trainers live and breathe Crossfit, but what sets our CF-L1 and L2 Trainers apart from others, is their knowledge and ability to customize each work out to meet your individual needs. Our trainers can take any intimidating factor from a CrossFit work out of the day (WOD) and modify or scale the movement while still maintaining the integrity of the workout.

YoloCrossFit trainers will use verbal and tactile cues and progressions that will help you achieve maximum fitness from each exercise or movement. And it goes without saying, your safety and well-being is paramount. While the workouts are performed at high intensity, our trainers have specialized in CrossFit and are able to quickly spot mobility and range of motion challenges in order to provide modifications that will enable you to perform the work out in an efficient, optimal, and safe manner.

Success Stories

I started working out at Yolo CrossFit in 2015 at the age of 34. Before I found crossfit, I had a nagging case of tendonitis in my achilles, and I had been dealing with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia for nine years. Although I stayed active by running and trying various home workout videos, exercise often felt like a chore and it was hard to stay motivated. Even though I was relatively fit, my body felt fragile and I felt the effects of my age and ailments.

After starting crossfit, I was immediately hooked. The workouts were intense, but I was able to modify and scale them to my abilities and limitations. As I grew stronger and faster, I was able to lift heavier weights, do more challenging movements, and move more quickly. More importantly, I feel great! My tendonitis has resolved and fibromyalgia no longer bothers me. In fact, I feel healthier and stronger than I have in my entire adult life.

My goals have shifted, as well. While exercise for me used to be about my appearance and weight, it’s now about performance. I am training like an athlete. I set goals and work hard, and the results are amazing. I no longer need to scale workouts, and I’m always improving. When I started, I was unable to do a single pull-up, and now I can quickly get through a hundred pull-ups as part of a workout. After two and a half years, and at 37 years old, I’m now even able to do bar muscle ups. Having played competitive sports growing up, crossfit brings the motivation and purpose back into my workouts. I love the competition, not only with the other athletes, but with myself. It’s a great feeling to hit a new PR or beat my previous time on a benchmark.

I am so thankful to Yolo CrossFit and all the phenomenal coaches who have taught me so much, pushed me to work hard, and cheered me on. It’s such a supportive community of coaches and athletes, who have become like a second family to me. I’m incredibly proud of what I’m now able to do with my body, and I’m excited as I set new goals to continue my crossfit journey. Yolo CrossFit has had such a profound impact on my life, and it’s great to see the impression it has made on my kids, too, who think their mom is really strong.