What is CrossFit?

A program that combines aerobic conditioning, body weight, gymnastics, and Olympic lifting movements to achieve a high degree of fitness level, power, and strength. By utilizing Crossfit’s main tenets, we can improve both the seasoned athlete as well as someone who wants to simply feel better by reaching new heights in their strength and conditioning.

At Yolo CrossFit, we program constantly varied functional movements done at a high intensity for all age groups and individuals with varying degrees of fitness levels. We blast the myth that you have to be in shape to do Crossfit. Our athletes use whiteboards instead of mirrors to judge their success in the gym.
Our Yolo CrossFit community is made up of individuals who all believe that the last person who finishes a workout is just as important as the first. Our group classes are supportive yet competitive and everything is scalable to all ages and skill levels.
Get fitter, healthier, and happier today! Be a part of our YoloCF community now!

Is CrossFit for me? .......YES!! If you're interested in real guidence with a group of like minded people to help you stay accountable then yes, CrossFit is for you. Please come in and visit with our Coaches and Athletes! Saturday 9am FREE TRIAL CLASS

What Is Your Personal Goal........ What Motivates YOU?

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Jen Widerstrom, Star of NBC's The Biggest Loser, 

Mark Bell, SlingShot from The Super Training Gym

Ben Smith and Brian Shaw (Fittest Man and Strongest Man in the world)